What are Multi-Tracks?

Multi-Tracks are individual audio tracks of the core rhythm instruments in a band (piano, synth, acoustic, electric, drums, bass, etc.) for a particular recording — when played together in audio production software (Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Garage Band, Audacity, etc.) you hear the stereo track mix of a song.

Multi-Tracks are a great way to fill out the missing pieces of your worship band. For example, suppose you do not have a drummer or bass player for your worship service this Sunday. You can use Multi-Tracks to fill in those missing parts to give your band a fuller sound.

Multi-Tracks also provide musicians an easy way to rehearse. Musicians can isolate their part or turn the other instruments down to better hear exactly what they need to play. Each Multi-Track comes with a Click Track (metronome) to keep the band in sync, which also helps your players grow in their musicianship.

There are over 500 Worship Songs and Contemporary Hymns available with Multi-Tracks at LifeWayWorship.com. You can also find LifeWay Worship Multi-Tracks distributed through our partners at Worship Band in Hand, FlyWorship, and MultiTracks.com.

Watch a brief demonstration below of how Multi-Tracks work in Pro Tools.

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